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“In most countries, public companies and issuers are obliged to create their annual report.

To ensure your company acquires well-deserved attention from stakeholders, your annual report should emphasize its uniqueness and identity. Start showcasing your company’s greatest qualities with a well-designed creative annual report.”

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Organize your
Annual Report Cycle

Producing an annual report requires a lifetime of expertise with dedication to time precision and data accuracy. 

Sooca Design comes as a reliable partner to provide you with timely, authentic, and high-quality annual reports. Our service supports your company to establish a solid reputation and to ensure your brand receives good standing.

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Designing and Delivering

Engaging annual reports has always been our main priority. For us, an annual report is more than just a legal necessity.  It is an important tool for your company to: 

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Communicate your company’s financial information

Your annual report should enable clear and understandable financial information. It serves as a bridge for stakeholders to understand how the company is funding operations and growth, and how good the company is at making money for investors

Present as a marketing tool

Inclusion of historical milestones and positive stories can increase trust to appeal to new customers. With sophisticated and clean design, your annual report can serve as a marketing tool and more than just a mandatory document.

Connect with other established businesses

A good annual report helps you to gain connection with other established businesses and investors. Emphasizing your company’s commitment in developing greater service or product, sales increases, or market share gains can bring new investors to collaborate.

Serve audience about your incredible accomplishments

Annual report is a simple way to show a great impression of your company to your customers. A well-designed and well-written annual report that covers your accomplishments displays your company as established and professional.

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Understand Your Annual Report’s Key Points

We know by heart that an annual report helps you to impress shareholders, attract new investors, and highlight your business. But beneath all of that, we also understand the key points which make your annual report comprehensible.

Your annual report should consist of Chairman’s Message, Board of Directors and Key Management Team, Operating and Financial Review (OFR), Corporate Governance Report, Directors’ Report, Independent Auditor’s Report, and Statistics of Shareholding. 

These are the barebones expectations for your annual report. Making it easy to read and review is crucial in delivering your message precisely to your stakeholders. With our full suite annual report service, we ensure your annual report is successful in delivering its message.


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Have a question in mind? Don’t worry, we got it covered.

As a design agency with 11 years of experience, we will make sure that you are provided with our professional design team to develop compelling annual reports by presenting digestible contents and emphasizing your company’s strengths through clean and sophisticated design. We are ready to help you in creating authentic and interactive annual reports.

We believe that we can collaborate with our clients from anywhere. This flexibility allows us to work with you regardless of your location while maintaining the best quality for your annual report. While our team is in Indonesia, we are still able to connect with you in delivering all the design processes through online communication. No need to worry, Sooca Design has an efficient project management process for creating your reports. 

Our designers are open to continuous feedback with you while also ensuring your annual report is visually arresting. We will carefully choose the range of colors, typography, and layout based on your company’s identity and our research. We are always ready to deliver creative assets, including 2D & 3D graphic illustrations needed.

Give us time between 2 weeks to a month maximum to produce appealing and engaging annual reports for your company. Nevertheless, our process might take a little more time depending on the complexity of the project itself.  

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Get back to business with no worries. Place your annual reports with our expert team at Sooca Design. Let’s get in touch and discuss your design plan!